Maya Onyshchuk

Honored artist of Ukraine

Musician in orchestra group of  Academic song and dance ensemble "Cossacks of Podillya", soloist-instrumentalist

Born on 01st of May 1977.

Finished Khmelnitsky music college named after V. Zaremba. 

In 2001 she graduated from  Donetsk State Conservatory named after S.S. Prokofiev. 

Since 1999 she has been working In Khmelnytsky Regional Philharmonic. 

Maya Onyschuk is a violinist of the new generation, her energy and emotionality attracts more and more adherents, and her bright temperament raises listeners to their feet and makes them applaud standing.

Maya Onyschuk is not only a violinist, but also a TV presenter, volunteer, owner of the "Podilsky Oscar", she entered the top-25 of "Successful Women of Khmelnytsky" in 2014 and 2015, represented the days of Ukraine in the Golden Royal Hall of the Senate in Paris.

She was awarded by the Diploma of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (2006),  repeatedly awarded with Honorary diplomas and distinctions by local authorities.

Repertoire of violinist includes modern genres: folk, pop, rock music, the most striking hits of contemporary composers.