Cossacks of Podillya - We will blossom you, Ukraine.

With the support of the UKRAINIAN CULTURAL FUND 

Academic ensemble of song and dance "Cossacks of Podillya" performs songs to the words of Ukrainian poets. 
Кey phrase of one of the brightest programs of the ensemble of song and dance "Cossacks of Podillya" was used in the poetic title of the second part of the musical release, which in an inspired appeal makes the symbolic unity of the authors of beautiful songs and their performers. The ensemble has a wide range of presented compositions from classics to modern original arrangements, from little-known in popularity to almost "folk" melodies. 


1. "My thoughts"

w. T. Shevchenko, music. E. Kozak, orchestral O. Yakubov.
2. "Bandurist, eagle blue"

w. T. Shevchenko, music. folk, arr. J. Orlov, orchestral O. Yakubov solo S. Drobit.
3. "Strong wind"

w. T. Shevchenko, music. V. Zakharchenko, solo M. Klishnata.
4. "The Cossack wanders"

w. S. Pushika, arr. L. Konchakivsky, arrangement for folk choir B. Derevyanka.