"ПАН КОЦЬКИЙ" музична казка!

NEW YEAR'S GIFT from #oblfilarmonia

♪ ♫♫ ♪ ♫ 27th of December, Thursday, 18:30.


We invite all musical gourmets to the wonderful world of legendary operetta!

A charming buzz of music, an incredibly addictive storyline and a brilliant arcade game - all of this, just for you!

There are sparkling humor, funny drawings and intriguing secrets from the life of the heroes, hidden under masks!

During a century the operetta gives live emotions, remaining one of the brightest iconic staging of the best theaters in the world.



Academic symphony orchestra of Khmelnitsky regional philharmonic. 

Choir and ballet of Academic song and dance ensemble "Cossacks of Podillya"

Ballet dance ensemble "Krok" and choreography department of

Khmelnitsky Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy. The head - M. Gorobets.


Soloists —

Gabriel von Eisenstein — Stepan Drobit

Rosalinde — Оlena Leonova

Frank — Kazymyr Misyurenko

Prince Orlofsky — Petro Radeiko

Alfred — Andriy Yurchenko,

Dr Falke — Mykola Nasonov

Dr Blind — Grygoriy Boichuk

Adele — Оlga Abakumova

Duty of prison — Оleksiy Blashchuk

Аssistant to the duty of prison — Тaras Mazur

Forester — Ruslan Fandul.  


Conductor-producer — Тaras Martynyk      

Director-producer — Bogdana Latchuk

Choir master-producer — Кateryna Drobit                        

Choreographer-producer — Оlena Yefimchuk

Artists-producers  — Оlena Yanchuk and Iryna Solomko-Myhalska