International ProArt Competition




«DEBUT» GROUP 7-12 years:

Avalyan Kristina (Ukraine) 

Darnitsky Illya (Ukraine)

Hainutdinova  Alina (Ukraine) 

Karapetyan Sofiia (Ukraine)

Kozyak Hanna (Ukraine) 

Ksondzyk Olga (Ukraine) 

Lymariev Kyryl (Ukraine) 

Ovdiychuk  Stanislava (Ukraine) 

Panimash Iryna (Ukraine) 

Portugalskaya Arina (Ukraine) 

Prokhnitska Elyzaveta (Ukraine)

Varha Sofiia (Ukraine)

Vilhovchenko Vira (Ukraine)

GROUP «А» 13-16 years:

Bianova Daryna (Ukraine) 

Hrynets Mykhailo (Ukraine) 

Kogut Igor (Ukraine) 

Lapidus Oleksandra (Ukraine) 

Makarova Oleksandra (Ukraine) 

Pleshakova Maria-Luiza (Ukraine) 

GROUP «В» 17-22 years:

Fialko Violetta (Ukraine) 

Kozar Yuriy (Ukraine) 

Maksymchuk Denis (Ukraine-Austria) 

Pavliv Sergiy (Ukraine) 

Pyrogova Daria (Ukraine) 

GROUP «С» 23-28 years:

Aredo Diana (Ukraine) 

Bobylova Anfisa (Ukraine-Austria)

Chubak Diana (Ukraine) 

Chumachenko Volodumur (Ukraine) 

Kandashvili Mikheil (Georgia-Austria) 

Klimenko Iryna (Ukraine)

Marchenko Roman (Ukraine) 

Tsiko Radymyr (Ukraine-Austria) 

Yugay Dmitriy (Kazakhstan) 

Dear friends!

Application Deadline is prolonged!

Organizing Committee of International Piano Competition "ProArt" is pleased to inform you

that due to the great number of enquires and requests we decided to extend the Application Deadline until 1st of April!

Participants admitted to the Second round will be noticed by e-mail before 24th of March.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

- The works that you play in the First Round (video recording) can be repeated in the Second Round.

- Group A, First round: "Classical piece in variation form or Sonata/Sonatina" means a completely classical work of variational form, or completely  sonata/sonatin, not sonata-allegro or parts.

- Group B, First round: J.S. Bach - Italian concert - play only the second part.

- Group C, First round: a work by the choice of the participant should be only one, not few ones.

- "The duration of the performance is maximum 30 minutes" does not mean that the participant is obliged to play all 30 minutes. The Organizing Committee appoints to take into account the possibility of more extensive works.