Viktor Shaida

Laureate of International competitions

Born on 28 of December 1974 in Stara Synyava of Khmelnitsky region.

He loved music from the childhood, he was engaged in singing and playing the trumpet.

In 1994 he graduated from Kamyanets-Podilsky College of Culture on the specialty "Head of Wind instruments orchestra", and since 1996 he began his career as a singer in Khmelnytsky, performing on various concert stages. Since that time he began to participate in festivals and vocal competitions.

Viktor Shaida is a laureate of such competitions as "Youthfulness of Nadzbruchya", "Red Ruta", "Sea of Friends".

In 2000 he got the 2nd prize on the prestigious in the Eastern Europian countries International Festival of Arts called "Slavic Bazaar". Since that year he became a soloist of the orchestra of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region. Since 2015 he has been the artistic director of the Central Police Chief orchestra in the Khmelnitsky region. Together with the orchestra, he performed with rhe concerts in many European countries.

Since the creation of the Khmelnitsky regional pop-symphony orchestra, he collaborates as a soloist and vocalist. Since 2010 he has been working as a soloist of Khmelnitsky Regional Philharmonic.

He is a participant of TV-shows "Karaoke on Maidan" and "Chance" ("1+1" tv-channel).

He provides active social activities. In 2010 together with like-minded people, he organized a charitable concert with the participation of show business stars, in order to raise funds for the acquisition of laparoscopic instruments for the separation of non-invasive surgery in the Khmelnitsky Children's Hospital.

Since 2014 with the beginning of Russian military aggression against Ukraine has has been providing an active volunteer activity aimed at supporting the Ukrainian Army and orphans of the front zone. For volunteering he was awarded the medal of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (KP) "For sacrifice and love for Ukraine", which he received personally by His Holiness Patriarch of Kyiv and All Russ-Ukraine Filaret . He also was awarded with honors "For Merits", "Patriot of Ukraine", "For Service to the State" and "Badge of Honor"  from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Soloists repertoire is wide in the subjects and in the nature of works by both Ukrainian and foreign composers. He is characterized by the deep penetration into the essence of the works, the disclosure of their artistic image, the attraction of a wide audience with a high level of professional skill.

Victor Shaida is soloist of Academic Symphony Orchestra of Khmelnitsky regional philharmonic.