Cultural-artistic project "Under the Pinzel Star"



Cultural-artistic project "Under the Pinzel Star" invites you to visit: 

- Demonstration of the documentary film "Mystery of Pinzel, from Buchach to Louvre"

- Сlothing Pret-o Porte collection exhibition  by Ivona Loban studio

- Exhibition-exposition of contemporary artists works

- Concert of the group "ROCKOKO" (Lviv), accompanied by the Academic Symphony Orchestra of Khmelnitsky Regional Philharmonic. Conductor - Taras Martynyk.


*The band "ROCKOKO" consists of virtuosos of classical music. Their repertoire mainly consists of arranged songs that change the sound under the influence of: violin, two cellos, drums and bass. Boys have been working on the Ukrainian stage since 2012, and now they are actively invited to various events, shooting thematic shows, warming ups before the performances of the main singers. "ROCKOKO" refers to the Symphonic Rock genre, and in the variety of sound you can hear genres such as: Acoustic, Pop, Dance, Drum and Bass, Metal, etc. In addition there are works even with elements of jazz. The group's success is based on the original principle of arrangement of author's compositions and popular hits.


Tickets: 80-90-100 UAH.

Music subscription is valid.