To the 100th anniversary of Ukraine Unity "Cossacks of Podillya" with the program "Songs of Ukrainian Exaltation"

22 of January, Tuesday,  18:30


To the 100th anniversary of the Unity of Ukraine Academic song and dance ensemble "Cossacks of Podillya" presents the program "Songs of Ukrainian victory": Ukrainian Cossack's sonngs, insurgent, rifle songs, carols, shchedrivki, as well as dances!



The Day of Unification of Ukraine is a holiday celebrated annually on the day of the Act of Reunification of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic proclamation that took place on January 22, 1919, on St. Sophia Square in Kyiv.
It was preceded by the signing of the Fourth Universal of the Central Rada (January 22, 1918), which declared the Ukrainian People's Republic as a Sovereign and Independent State. The Western Ukrainian People's Republic was proclaimed in November 1918. The process of unification of Ukraine was completed on January 22, 1919.


Tickets: 80-90-100 UAH.


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